Reflections on the Ten Commandments

Thou shalt have no other gods before me What gods might we have? Not literally “money” or “sex” or “power” or “success” or “fame.” No one worships these things directly. It is the “gods” hiding behind such things. The subtle deals we make with those unseen forces which we barely understand and to which we […]

Q/A: Is the Bible’s View of Gender Outdated?

Question: I’m wrestling with the balance of believing the Bible to be true but also feeling like some parts of it either don’t make sense or don’t seem to apply to modern life. For example, how do I live as a Christian woman in the 21st Century? Am I supposed to be complementary to men […]

Q/A: Why Don’t Christians Celebrate Jewish Holidays?

I have a question sparked from Exodus, specifically chapters 12 and 13 describing passover.  1. Why don’t Christians celebrate Jewish holidays, like Passover? What would it look like if we did?  2. What is the deal with circumcision? What does it mean for Christians now? I love these two questions, because they’re both pointing to […]