Q/A: Is the Bible’s View of Gender Outdated?

Question: I’m wrestling with the balance of believing the Bible to be true but also feeling like some parts of it either don’t make sense or don’t seem to apply to modern life. For example, how do I live as a Christian woman in the 21st Century? Am I supposed to be complementary to men […]

Q/A: Why Don’t Christians Celebrate Jewish Holidays?

I have a question sparked from Exodus, specifically chapters 12 and 13 describing passover.  1. Why don’t Christians celebrate Jewish holidays, like Passover? What would it look like if we did?  2. What is the deal with circumcision? What does it mean for Christians now? I love these two questions, because they’re both pointing to […]

Make Christianity Confusing Again

You can learn a lot about yourself–and about God–if you can figure out what your biggest problem with God is. What do you think is the biggest complaint of your heart–not against the church or against all the imperfect expressions of Christianity in the world (we can all find plenty of those)–but against God in […]

On Deconstruction & People Who Look Like Trees

“Deconstruction” has recently become a familiar term among American Christians. Over the last few of years, we’ve seen famous pastors and authors and musicians who have begun to look back on their faith with a critical eye and discover they don’t really believe what they used to believe. Sometimes it comes from processing personal experiences […]

Be Perfect

Hot take: Perfectionism is good. You should be perfect. This is not my hot take. This is actually Jesus, speaking in the Sermon on the Mount in Matthew chapter 5: “Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect.” Why on earth would he say such a thing? As someone who struggles with perfectionism, I […]

The Consuming Fire

by George MacDonald, adapted by Ross Byrd Our God is a consuming fire.–HEBREWS 12:29 Nothing is immovable but love. Love cannot be bargained with. It is not flexible. Its mind cannot be changed.  Love is unconditional, yet in a different way than we often think. We will say, There is nothing I could do that […]

The Parable of Buddy the Elf

Merry Christmas, everyone. I want to do something kind of weird with this episode. Because it’s Christmastime, I want to try to relate the famous passage from Luke’s Gospel about the birth of Jesus to the story of the movie Elf, which probably all of you have watched–or will watch–this holiday season. And that’s actually […]